Bhimashankar mid forest cooking experience

On a Tuesday

The Government of Mahrashtra had ordered all Companies to shut down in order to help employees to vote. Since this wouldn’t take us an entire day, we decided to get away to a nice forest land called Bhimashankar.

We had a great time cooking in the middle of the forest and getting out a car that stuck in slush!

Starting off from just outside the office space.
Stopping by for some breakfast.
Breakfast at some dhabha.

Got a chance to ride Adi’s comet. Man, it was such a brilliant bike!
A small break…

The group joined very soon.

My favorite activity… Exploration!

Countryside beauty.
Remember the King size life we were talking about?
Getting the bikes in to the forest.


The cooks in action.
Spent some time cleaning my ride.

Relaxing a bit while the chicken was being cooked.

Livi with some stone carving.

Clear waters.
Yummy yummy chicken, almost ready!

Killing time with Pepsi photography.


A final snap in the forest before (at least) thought we could leave.

Getting Adi’s bike out.

In deep shit! :D

Try every possible option to get our SUV :D out!

A waterfall nearby.

ya and Chris.

Chandan and Adi atop the waterfall.

The beautiful waterfall!
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