Over a weekend

Two days of memorable fun and madness I will never forget in my life. It was at this place called Kashid. Close to 200 kays from Pune and a lot of my work pals decided to hit it for the weekend.

Grouping at Chandini Chowk with some tea early Saturday morning.
Starting off…
Stopping every now and then for some chit chat.
My first big fan in the gang; Mr. Panky!
The scenic route we took.
Enjoying the beauty of the lake.
The gang; most of them.
Breakfast at Hotel Green Gate.
Supriya and the stallion.
A beautiful piece of nature.
A Fiesta!
The big gang of pals.
Dog fight! :D
Adi and Supriya; supermodels.
Posing by the small stream.
Flying monk Mr. Ramakant.
Enjoying the small stream.
Chandan, the moto girl.
Kashid beach!!!
Free parking space.
Enjoying the sea.
Screaming out in the waters.
Surabhi’s castle
Mr. Kala sculpted in sand. Courtesy: Supriya, Ramakant, and others.
Little mermaid
Clair’s artwork in sand.
Obscene mermaid
Reaching for the skies
The F mantra
Camp fire for the party.
Evening party. Adi grilling some fish and potatoes.
On the meadows.
Gliding through the roads.
Venturing into the meadows again.

Luka’s Thunderbird stuck. People helping it out.

Lunch at Green Gate on the way back.
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One Response to Kashid

  1. Rajesh says:

    May I suggest that you start compiling (not that compiling) the whole blog into a book; title: "And thats,how you have fun." I am convinced that it will piss off a whole lot of people… many more people…

    Hey… Have fun ;)

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