Just got Leh’d

Warning: This story is a time killer. It has a detailed blog on the road trip to Ladakh with information on what happened every day. If you don’t have enough time, you may check out the Best of Leh page, where there is a quick slideshow with the highlights of the trip.


It was late in the evening, about half past nine. I was hungry, sitting in the Delhi airport gaping at passengers collecting their bags and walking off. I had to wait until my friends arrived, so that we could sync up and crash for the night. Something big was waiting for us in the next couple of weeks. We had planned a road trip to the Himalayas, and finally our dream was coming true. I was still wondering what happened to the bikes. The last time I spoke to my friends, they told me that the bikes were heavily delayed in transit and had still not arrived in Delhi. We had shipped them from Chennai a couple of weeks ago, and something was just not right. I was still waiting.

The person at the information kiosk was going a little uneasy with me, as it was the third time I was inquiring about the Chennai flight to Delhi, in the last 30 minutes. Finally, the conveyor belt started moving and passengers started arriving. It wasn’t a big deal spotting my pals in the crowd. Allen had a clean shave with a French beard and his hair was all neatly done. Had it been some time in the morning, his shades wouldn’t have been inside the bag. Kiran was all excited. He was skinnier than the last time I’d seen him. And same old Aparajith, aka Apar, with his glasses!

We quickly picked up trolleys, collected our bags and made a move out of the airport. We tried reaching the bike transportation fellow, but he refused to respond. With questions in mind on where to go and what to do, we walked out into the city that was waiting to rip us off!

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