Wayanad mid forest experience – Part 2

We got up a shortly after sunrise. The sun was just starting to penetrate though the tall trees. We spent a while with coffee, got ready and gathered at the dining area for breakfast.

The rays of the sun starting to penetrate into the forest.

Pradeep resting at the dining area after coffee.
Meta photography
Captured Pradeep wandering by the stream, shot from the path to the tree house.
A view of the cottages from the path to the tree house.

Applying dettol + salt lotion to fight leeches.

Action inside the wild.

One of the many giant snails we saw in the jungle.

Our guide for the trek.

In the wild.


The no water waterfall that we ended up finding.

Posing by the rocks.

One of the leeches that got on, just after applying the magic solution when it wrapped itself.

The team helping Prathap climb.

The last point that we touched.

Posing again.

Wayanad conquered!

Trek trail on the GPS.

Enjoying a moment of music by the in house musicians.

Do you really believe this?

A jeep ride to the resort.

Clicking all the way!

Spotted elephants on the way back home.

Appa’s Innova we took for the trip. Thanks Appa!

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