Wayanad mid forest experience – Part 1

I quit my job and had a 9 day vacation before I could join my next Employer. I planned a trip to Wayanad, but this time, in my Innova. I was in Wayanad same time last year, but that was a quick trip on a bike. This time, I had 3 days and 2 nights just for this one place. So we decided to make it to forest land and enjoy every bit of nature.

We call ourselves the PR Brothers, the candidates for this trip and cousins by relation. PRadeep, PRithiv, PRathap and PRaveen. Deepak is an exception since he has a twin named similary.

The trip started on a Sunday evening.

On our way to Gundulpet

GPS assistance

We halted at Gundulpet for the night. Early next morning, we started into the forest land of Wayand.

First sight into the forest

NH inside the jungle


Introducing, left to right Praveen, Prithiv, Pradeep and Prathap

My favorite spot inside

Those that were born before me

A little deeper, and we spotted a peacock.

Parked the car near some lorries and took a stroll into the forest.

Found a small stream inside the jungle.
Also introducing Deepak. (extreme left)

The beautiful stream.

Meta photography

A little aperture trick on the DSLR

Finally… vacation!!!

Yeah, we too… vacation!!!

Dubai roads!!! :D

Entering the district, the first town is called as Sultan Bathery. Finishing breakfast, we headed to the first attraction, called Edakkal caves.

Light penetrates into the Edakkal caves.

Another view of the caves.

A portion of the caves.

The path that we climbed.

A small restaurant where we had lunch, after which we headed to the resort.

Wooden bridges became a common sight on the way to the resort.

Do you see the assistant photographer?

Two sexy jumpers

As the rain started…

A fallen tree on the way to the resort. Men therefore at work.

The real men at work!

The front portion of the resort.

Thats the closest the vehicle could get to.

The only row of rooms available at the resort. We occupied the last two.

A tree house at the resort.

The (empty) stream by the cottages. Has running water in monsoons.

The path to the tree house.

A view from the path to the tree house.

Cholestrol competition

The camp fire setup in the evening.

Shortly after the evening time pass and dinner, we hit the sack to get up early next morning so that we could go for a trek.

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