Adrenaline ride to Gingee & Yelagiri – Day 2

It was decided that we would get up by 5 in the morning and start trekking into the forest. Well, did you really believe that? Someone even made a request for a specific Arab tunes ring tone to wake him up. Man, only that I couldn’t hear him snore. I even held the phone high so that he could hear it, stupid Allen never woke up. That doesn’t mean I leave anyone else with better credits. Everyone shares the same level of shame including myself.

Allen driving down the trek path.

Sooner or later, we were out of the beds, getting ready for a trek. We were lucky enough to have a cloudy day, but then it was humid. We just took 2 bikes and headed towards the forest. The entry to the trek path was looking wider than I thought. The last time I was there was about a year ago when we had to walk carefully through the thorns. This time, there was more space to take the bikes. We tried to proceed with the machines as long as we could. At some point, it was getting steep and rocky. We decided to leave the bikes at that point and climb down.

On the way, we met a little girl with dog, taking a stroll with her grandpa. There were a few other guys who had made it in with a localite. Everyone was on their way back. As we proceeded further inside, the bushes were becoming lesser. There were tall trees, hiding us from the sun. The smell of the jungle was all over. There weren’t too many insects or birds. It was pretty quiet except for the leaves rustling occasionally. I had a GPS with me and we were confident about the path we were taking. We could always track our way back. This was my first trip with the GPS and was a gift from my Uncle. It is a rugged system and can even float on water. Now beat that!

The trail in the woods that we used.

The woods.
The water hole and the small plank by it.

About half an hour though the woods, we found a water hole, with very little water and extremely soggy. It had a tree that had fallen in the middle of the water hole, that looked scenic. Rajesh tried his antiques to get to the log, but the thorny bushes didn’t let him through.

The wild cows were coming by to get some water now and then. They didn’t bother that we were there and left the place after drinking the water. The entire place was calm and serene. We had no mood to leave, so we chose to take an alternative path back to the bikes. Having the GPS trail with us, we could always trace our path back.

Wild cows drinking water.

Wild cows drinking water.

The little boy grazing the cows.

Sriram thinking deep.

Half jo
b done.
The water hole.

The water hole.

At some point, we tried to climb a nearby hill to see if it would expose a nice view. We almost got to the top, but the bushes there didn’t let us get through. Sitting down on a rock to get some rest, Allen and Sriram started playing some ‘lochack mochack pachack’ sword fighting for some time pass. After some victory and defeat, we started to descend to get back to our original trail. This time, we actually realized that we had taken a path relatively less traveled. We had to break some bushes to get back to the bikes. But trust me, it was fun!

Giggling in the midst of forest land.

All I did was, “Rajesh!”

Our woodcutter man!
A shot before we left the place.
Lochack Mochack Pachack sword fight

Taking the bikes, we headed back to the room. On the way, we spotted trees with colorful flowers. We stopped by every one of them clicking pictures. It was almost 11 and we wanted good breakfast. Skipping the room, we headed to a nearby hotel to get the last of the dishes they had. Rajesh’s usual Sunday morning pongal was a super hit. I could see him finding it hard controlling himself from dozing off. He was the first person to run to the room and hit the bed.

Bikes parked along the trek path.

Beautiful flowers on the way back to our hotel.

Beautiful flower
s on the way back to the hotel.

Getting back, we quickly got ready one by one and packed the luggage, as the slideshow of all the pictures were playing on the TV. Settling the bills and loading the saddles, we made a move to Vellore, where we planned to have lunch. Allen had told me he would be pretty slow. Knowing this, I didn’t wait for anyone at Vellore. I entered the town to get something to eat. I packed the stuff and met up with the rest back on the highway. We found a small little hut owned by an old man. He let us use the place to have our lunch.

1 Camel power vs 20 Horse power
Road side hut where we ate lunch.

From there, I told the gang I was going to speed back home. Bidding farewell, I had an adrenaline ride back home! Next day, I was told that the rest of the gang patiently made it to Chennai after a cup of coffee at Porur.

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4 Responses to Adrenaline ride to Gingee & Yelagiri – Day 2

  1. Rajesh says:

    I always ended up reading the blog of what these guys did, and was envious, until now. But its was real fun riding out, and really can’t express my excitement having done it… :) :) :)

  2. Mithun says:

    Hey really a well narrated blog. Felt that even I myself been a part of the trip.

    Waiting for a lot more..


  3. Aparna says:

    Gud one da.. nice pics.. narrated really well.. have fun..

  4. ramanan says:

    Praveen… Really the pics are awesome. The way you narrated is good. While reading I can feel that I were in that place viewing the environment. Guys you were really rocking.. Continue Rocking ;-)

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