Two wheels to divinity – Ride back

Ride back
(Karwar – Dandeli – Darwad – Devanagere – Chitradurga – Tumkur – Bangalore – Krishanagiri – Chennai)

We started late from Karwar, by the time we left it was around 11 am, We rode through Dandeli, which was a forest, for most of the part the roads were ok, but we hit a rough patch for about 10kms that ate away our time, We then rode towards Ramnagar and Londa, We were heading to Belagum, but a check on the map, showed that we could detour and save around 60 kms, but Veda wanted to pick up some famous sweets from Belagum, so we split, and decided to sync up at Darwad, Veda rides on, and we ride to Londa, which was a 5km ride back, Londa looked like a ghost town, just one railway station two streets summed up the town, We spotted a place to eat, and thankfully the food was good, We ask the owner of that place for directions, We tells us that and alternate route through Khanapur, Bidi and Kittur through to the GQ is a better option than Ramnagar, We opt on that and ride on, good roads, bad roads, bumpy roads…after a mix and match of these on the way, We hit Kittur and spot the GQ, and man it was a feast just to see the highway, We connected and ripped through the highway like dogs unleashed, after a comfortable 50-60 kms ride.

We call and sync up with Veda who wasn’t far behind, We take a couple of butt breaks and Veda arrives, We then ride together till Darwad, Veda needed to pick up more sweets from here as well, so he detoured and we proceeded. Our idea was to push and reach some location so that then next day when we rode back we were comfortable getting back to Chennai, do our target was Devanagere, 160kms from where we currently were, we push and with a little bit of night riding, we make it, locate a place to camp for the night, the guy had a 5 bed room, we picked that up, dumped the luggage, and ordered dinner from room service, Praveen and I had soup, the open visor ride was giving me a brain freeze, Dinner arrives, and guess what Steve ordered.. yup, Gadbad to top the meal up.. we are out soon after dinner.

The next day we wake up and are rolling by 5-30, we ride on in the morning cold, we did not have thermal wear that could battle the cold wind on us, but we battled on, we stopped for Fuel at around 6-30 am, from there proceeded out of Chitradurga towards Tumkur, we stop at Tumkur for breakfast, Veda orders for “tatha idly”, the idly was baked flat and in the size of a dosai, I liked it, but Praveen preferred a dosai, finished the meal and were ready to ride, the ride from Tumkur to Bangalore was swift, and at the outter bye-pass we parted ways with Veda, “Till next time” we said, and proceeded along the Hosur road to Krishanagiri, Praveen called up his brother and fixed us a meal at his place, we reach there by 2pm and decide to push off by 3, and on time we were, tank up the bikes and ride out of Krishanagiri, Praveen and Steve zipp past me, I was riding a steady 85 kmph, we sync up at Vellore, and then ride on, by then it was getting dark and we wanted to cover as much distance in day light as possible, We reach Chennai at around 7 pm, Praveen and Steve are waiting near the highway, We sync up, and splilt, Praveen heads home, Steve too, I have another 20kms before I reach, “Take the bye-pass” said Praveen, I did, and reached home in about 30 mins.

The odo read 2887kms, Two thousand eight hundred kilometers across, GQ roads, serene gaths, coffee plantations,road side rivers, dirt track ride, on top of the world peaks and get wet beaches. We rode out naive and returned with an experience of a lifetime. And “Was it worth it?” if you ask, “Hell yea!” will thunder four voices.

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3 Responses to Two wheels to divinity – Ride back

  1. Anonymous says:

    A virtual tour, it’s been! Good time reading it. Photos are more “real” with so many shades of color. I mean, it starts to talk a lot to you! I might steal some for “wallpapers” :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Guys,
    It is so nice to see that u all adventure with purpose & knowing what surroundings can give and live to achieve it, i would have been happy, if was same think now w.r.t nandi hills, ooty, kodaikanal, etc, were u have put ur effort to watch nature, has become now destination of another bussiness than visualisizing what & how this detination made. In fact this message spreads the livilyhood of person below will prosper and persons above will make the living w/o effecting ECO and maintain it because it is livilyhood?property

  3. HOTSHOT says:

    Awesome dude, i just started out as a biker, my bike, 220(carb) is just 3+ months old, have done a Calicut ride, still writing the blog, not yet completed :p I keep thinking of going out of state but Karnataka in itself is a beauty, btw Jog falls is very near to my native and i am guessing the town where one of you got your bikes repaired is Sagar, my home-town. Hope to ride with you some day, find me in XBHP(id:HOTSHOT220).
    Happy touring,

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