Two wheels to divinity – Jog Falls & Om Beach

Jog Falls & Om Beach
(Kodachadri – Jog Falls – Honavar – Gokarna – Om Beach – Karwar)

Woke up to the Nokia alarm, it was freaking cold, the wind was howling outside, no one was in any kind of mood get up, lots of coaxing and finally we were up and ready to roll by 7:30, thanked the host, got his number, by the way, Tata Indicom has reception there, ( only there I must add :) ). The down hill ride, was just as tricky, you cant stand on the breaks, while going down hill, engine breaking was the only way. The down hill strip was talking a toll on Veda’s wrists, We stopped for a few breaks, and in about an hour and a half we were out in to the gaths, riding to board a ferry, ripping through the un-laid roads of gravel. Steve and I were riding together, Praveen and Veda ripped ahead. Nowhere to be seen for about 10minutes, so much so that Steve and I thought that we had lost the way, confirmed with a guy on the road,( the only guy on that road ), we were on the right road, speeding through the gravel and stunned to find the road suddenly give way to the backwaters so abruptly that it almost felt that we had opened the doors to another dimension, and what timing, We were spot on for the ferry ride, this ride actually lasts for about 10mins, but saved us about 3 hours of round trip, on the other side of the lake we unload our bikes from a ferry that was carrying 2 trucks a bus and 7 bikes. We had bought bread and buns fearing that if our luck ran out in Kodachadri, at least we need not have to starve the night, the bread and jam summed up the morning meal, and off we were to jog falls. On the way in a small town, Veda checked to see if he could get this bike fixed, the guys at the service center, changed the oil seal, meanwhile, the others stopped for breakfast, in 30mins time we were riding to Jog falls.

Though there wasn’t too much water at Jog, the falls was majestic. Veda wanted to walk to the foot of the falls, 1000 odd steps he said, all three of us were automatically out this time ;) . We waited another 2 hours before Veda was back, We got back on the road heading towards Honavar, at Jog we met a couple who had drove from Chennai in a Santro, I dint catch the name, so bear with me, lets call them Mr & Mrs Santro. We told them about the places we’d been to, bid adieu and rode on, stopped at Honavar for lunch, and guess what Mr & Mrs Santro walking out of the same hotel, and moving to pretty much the same places, quick lunch and we rode back to Gokarna, Gokarna is a small settlement close to Karwar, its a religious place, and also attracts tons of tourists, we rode up the hill on the way to OM beach, the beach is called so, because the beach looks like an OM, the beach was very nice, we spent some time at that place and then rode on to another beach in Gokarna, this place was a little crowded, so we nudged our way out and found a secluded spot spent some time there, watched the sunset, and then pushed off to Karwar.

Veda called up his friend checked out the places that we could stay in, on arriving at Karwar, the first hotel we tried was booked, seems like there was an election, Veda checked out a few more places and struck neat deal, 250 rs a room, We booked two rooms, Praveen and I stayed back while Veda and Steve went to eat, we asked them to pack some food for us,that they did, Steve’s obsession with Gadbad had manifested itself, he washed down a couple after the meal, he said he liked the ones here better, from that point on, Steve wanted Gadbad for breakfast,lunch and dinner. Done dinner and crashed.

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