Yamaha R15 Ridden on xBhp’s birthday

I have read so many reviews on forums when people used to describe how it is to ride a sport bike for the first time in their lives. I used to wonder when my day would come and I was glad it was finally there. Javed was the generous guy who lent me his R15 for a test ride. I had the liberty to ride the bike from Mahabalipuram to the outskirts of Chennai.

The first impression of the rider stance was nothing less than stunning. The engine was so refined that proved me wrong of my previous speculations. The lower punch was missing, but there is more fun higher up in the the RPM range. I understood how good ride quality can be and the way the bike behaved in each gear was so civilized and majestic. Good handling and mid range power didn’t have me bothered about the skinny tyres. The huge fairing is a big turn on and it looks exactly like the high end sport bikes on the rear view mirrors.

I have almost forgotten to mention what we did on the special day; xBhp birthday! Hah, nothing much, except that we had breakfast at moonrakers and spent a good time with all the members.

We had a drag session though, with the 220, ZMA and the R15. I wish to maintain the results to myself, but the performance of the bikes helped me make a few decisions!

The picture above is not the drag mentioned earlier.

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