Vagabond Ride

Yet another Sunday

My fellow xBhpians were inviting me to a common point meetup on Sunday, but I refused it having in mind the promise I’d made to my friend for a ride somewhere. Its almost 3 months since he had got his new Thunderbird, but yet we had never made it on a ride together. We were eargerly looking forward to the big morning, but the dumb me overslept. There was a bang on the door when I got up and realized it was 7.12 in the morning. I was supposed to be meeting him at a fuel station nearby at 7.30. I called him up and told him about my stupidity and I got ready in record time. I’d parked my Bike in another friend’s place which is a 20 minute drive in the opposite direction. Without much traffic in the city, I was overspeeding and reached his place pretty quick. Swiftly wearing all my gear, I started my ride and the exhaust note gave me a big promising feel. My Pulsar 220 was fresh after a service and the way it invited me was like the Angels opening the door for a red carpet welcome.

I managed to meet up with my friend at 8 and we were all set to leave. Taking it cool, we started from the Kathipara Junction and hopped from signal to signal quite sure of losing eachother. After crossing the major city portion, I stopped after the Chennai bye pass to regroup. The moment I saw him, I got back on my Bike and we were cruising around 80 completely in sync with each other. On spotting the signboard that read “-> Vedanthangal 12″, we confirmed with the localites, and took the right. The first look of the road reminded me of the twisties ahead, as I’d already been here once with xBhp. There were a couple of stretches completely deserted with flat narrow tar that is so rare to find. Enjoying every moment, we reached a junction within minutes. We must’ve gone straight to reach Vedanthangal, but we turned left and kept going. Not long, I realized we weren’t heading on the right direction. But who cares? We wanna go nowhere. I spotted a cool shady location with a small pond on the right. It was a nice treat to the mind and we stopped right there.

The place was very calm with occasional villagers passing by. The water was standstill that only tried to tell us, “Guys, talk!” We conversed about everything that we missed out in the last 3 months. I told him about the new Yamaha and the Kawasaki bikes coming in pretty soon and he was quite surprised. Exchanging thoughts, we spent about an hour and a half there and decided to leave. It was 10.45 and thinking where to go, we thought Pondy would be the ideal spot.

I’d never been to Pondy via the GST and I was more than excited to do this. We called up a friend of ours telling him about the plan and that we’d all have lunch together. Starting off, we were galloping on the highway with the wheels munching miles pretty fast. We saw a new flyover with twisities and wanted to ride on it. It was going to get us on the other side of the road, but again… who cares? With all the power from the engine, I roared into the its mouth with the bull closely following me. As I leaned towards the left, it reminded me of the tracks and the advice given to me, “Always look at the exit, the point where you wanna go.” Having that in mind, I leaned well just hoping my stand must not hit the tar. I’m not a pro and I still experience a chill through my spine during such moments. Doing pretty ok, I finished the curves and slowly we grabbed the highway again.

I spotted an tourist Amby with the left door not closed properly. I was trying to spot if someone was actually sitting beside the door, and found an old lady. Peeping in, I saw her husband beside the other door. The first look, I was pretty sure they were not kind of people who can understand ‘biking’. I waved to them and signalled that the door was not closed properly. I think the driver understood what I said and slowed down the car and brought it to a standstill. I waited a few meters in front of them trying to make sure they got what I said. As I watched my rear view mirror, the car started again and as they passed by me, the 3 were smiling and waving to me with the old man shouting, “Thank you!” Phew… The feeling I had was better than a full bottle of Gatorade and I’m sure that the next time those people see someone with a bike, jacket, helmet and gloves their lips will atleast make a small movement with a small thought running in their mind.

At Tindivanam, we took to left to proceed to Pondy. The roads were no more of the GQ quality. With a single lane for each each side split by an yellow line, we had to make conscious overtakes. It was about a half an hour ride on those roads to Pondy and I saw the west entrance of Pondy for the first time. It had a similar entrace building just like the other entrance. Proceeding into the mainland, it was typical French colonies, peaceful and tempting to come back. We kept going until we reached the area near the beach. The beach are was the only place we’d always be roaming around and we found it comfortable to find routes to places starting from there. We wanted to actually make it to Rendezvous, a french restaurant. Tracing the roads in comparison with picture memories, and with some help of the localites we reached the restaurant in no time.

The other friend in Pondy was caught up with other work and could not make it to the lunch. As for us, we ordered a nice dish each and went on with a long meal and a happy conversation. An hour or so had passed when we realized it was time to start from there. At the entrance of the restaurant, we were getting ready for a couple of shots. Four little girls dressed neatly, walked to us requesting if we could shoot a picture for them. Who’d say no? They posed like dolls beside a huge wheel that was hung on the wall as I clicked a picture for them. As we walked back getting the bikes ready to start off, we noticed the girls climb on they Ladybirds and cycling their way back. Wow… I’d seen such things happening in movies and I couldn’t believe my eyes I was seeing such beauty on our Indian roads.

We went on to say hi to our other friend who missed the lunch. Wrapping off a casual chat with him, it was time to hit the ECR. There was more traffic than what I’d expected but yet, the road proved to be great. We stopped by a shady banyan tree for some nice pitures. We were slowly starting to lose time and so got back on trying to reach the city before sunset. My Bike was doing exceedingly well after the service and I was very comfortable to reach the 105/110 mark and to cruise at such speeds. Just after Mahabalipuram, we made a final stop for some coconut water and finally parted at the junction near Fisherman’s Cove. My friend headed towards Tambaram and I was going into the city via Thiruvanmiyur.

Happy after a wonderful Sunday, I parked my Bike at my friend’s place and I gave it a small pat and a smile.

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