Crazy road trip for lunch

a Sunday

I heard the alarm ringing. Convincing myself to wake up, I took a long deep breath and open my eyes. I peeked out of the window and the high shining sun filled me with excitement. I called up my friend that very moment, woke him up and asked him if he was ready for a ride. He was quite hesitant, but I didn’t have too much trouble convincing him. I met him at his place around 10 and headed to a fuel pump on the ECR.

We were pretty much convinced about traveling on that stretch by then. Loaded with a full tank, we picked up some Gatorade on the way from Chennai. Until then, we had talks of going somewhere beyond Mahabalipuram and exploring some unknown place. And then we planned to come back to ECR Dhaba for lunch. My friend owns a CBZ* and mine is a P220. We were able to maintain comfortable high speeds and we crossed Mahabs in no time. About 30 kms from there, I stopped my Bike as I lost him in the rear view mirror. I realized I’d come a long way from him and probably he was cruising at around 80-90. I checked my odo and it read 100.0 from home. Sweet!

Couple of minutes later, he turns up to the shady cool location aside a curve where I was standing. Since he was not used to riding more than 200 odd kays, I asked him if he’d wish to turn and head back, or…


“Hit Pondy for lunch?”

He wasn’t very surprised as he knew I was someone who would obviously ask such a question. He gave it a second thought and asked me which was nearer; Pondy or ECR Dhaba. He was feeling hungry and the closest was fine with him. I didn’t want to lie to him, but yet, I did! 200 kays shouldn’t matter after all. He was pretty ok with the plan and agreed to proceed. I was damn excited.

Minutes from then, we were in Pondy standing aside the busy traffic trying to figure out where to eat. I checked my watch and it read 12.45. Man, thats not bad for an instant plan. We inquired the localites for a good restaurant and they guided us to Ananda Inn. The Hotel looked pretty cool. There were two restaurants inside and we chose buffet.

Lunch was quite ok, but some of the dishes were super cool, namely the veg cutlet, grilled fish and chocolate mousse. We spent a good time chatting and eating before the hotel guys decided to push us off. But it was ok, we’d been there for about one and a half hours. The good thing was we’d crossed the sleepy time barricade because of our lazy chatting there.

After quickly refreshing, we started our way back. We had planned for 2 stops on the return trip. But by the way the traffic had settled down in the afternoon, we were completely addicted to the twisty highway. I once again lost my friend as he chose to cruise. I was planning to stop at 75 kays from where we had started. Just before then, I read the signboard that said 26 kays to Mahabs. Wow, thats fast. The complete ride until then felt like half hour. I stopped near Mahabs and we regrouped. The watch read just 3.30 and we just looked at our faces. Thats was real quick, almost the quickest one way ride on the ECR we’d ever done so far.

After a quick chat, we reminded ourselves about the heavy traffic we’d be meeting up then on and decided to cruise back home. The traffic was not so bad, but yet it proved to be irritating. After reaching his house, we removed our helmets and smiled at each other.

I walked up to my friend and said, “Congratulations on your first crazy road trip!” He was in smiles and my 20 kay lie didn’t matter after all. He was happy we did the trip and I’m very sure he is looking for more! As for me, its yet another stealth ride!

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